Increasing Feature Page Conversions from 1% to 5% w/ Smart Design

UpKeep needed to increase conversions from its features pages and pricing pages. The product-related pages were receiving a lot of inbound traffic but this traffic was only converting at around 1%. We brainstormed ways to increase this, which led to me spearheading a project that would help increase conversions from the feature page.

The old feature page was static, meaning that people would click on a feature and get directed to the feature page. This was bad for conversions. It took them out of the buying funnel and off on a “feature tangent.” To fix this, I worked with our designer to make the feature boxes on the Feature page appear like shopping cart items.

With this approach, people were kept in the buying mindset and only went off on “feature tangents” if they really needed to learn about a feature in detail.

After publishing this new Feature page, conversions from the Feature page increased from 1% to 5%. We also received comments from prospects and buyers saying how much they loved the buying experience.

In addition to these customer-focused results, our sales team benefitted. Sales people could easily walk prospects through the features on the site curing sales calls and show them which features were associated with different plans and pricing.