WebiMax is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. It was awarded multiple Inc 5000 fastest-growing company awards during my time there.

Before I joined Webimax, project managers were struggling to please clients with content that ranked well and matched their brand identity. There was also a backlog of content that needed created.

After joining WebiMax, I collaborated with SEO project managers and graphic designers to create content for WebiMax’s eclectic group of clients. Every kind of business — from tugboat manufacturers to international accounting federations — fell under the umbrella of WebiMax’s clients.

Working closely with project managers to understand the clients and their brands, I was able to help meet and exceed client expectations for content. I did this by quickly learning about different industries and writing fast: 5,000 words per day!

After less than a year at WebiMax I was promoted to a senior writing position.

Robert was, by far, my favorite content writer at WebiMax. Robert’s writing consistently impressed me and regularly satisfied the high expectations of our clients. I always found his writing immensely creative; and marveled over his extraordinary talent for finding unique ways to spin even the most boring topic. Robert is one of those rare writers who not only has an exceptional command of the English language and natural creativity, but also great research skills. His understanding of and strength in SEO copywriting made working with him a breeze. I cannot recommend Robert as a writer more.

Marilyn Moran, Director of SEM at WebiMax


  • Promoted to senior position eight months after starting
  • Performed SEO and content audits for agency’s largest clients
  • Wrote 5,000+ words per day (articles, ebooks, press releases)
  • Managed content promotion campaigns on Outbrain for 100+ clients
  • Wrote media pitches to get clients publicity
  • Helped get clients radio spots and features in major industry publications
  • Interviewed and helped hire new team members to help the company grow with the right people
  • Wrote an ebook that generated 1,000+ leads in one day for a client and helped them generate $100,000 in revenue in one week
  • Worked side by side with project managers, designers, and developer to launch new websites
  • Wrote 20 blog posts for the company’s blog that were directly responsible for bringing in ten new clients