Since graduating with a creative writing degree in 2011 I’ve helped grow small businesses and tech startups as a freelance writer and marketer.

From 2011 to 2014 I completed 68 projects on Upwork with an overall satisfaction score of 97%. During this period I also worked full-time as a content writer at WebiMax, an SEO agency, and as an online marketer at a small e-commerce business before that.

In 2014 I joined the tech startup MaxCDN and put my freelancing career on hold until 2016 when MaxCDN was acquired by StackPath. Shortly after the acquisition I traveled abroad while freelancing, mostly for tech startups.

In late 2017 I returned to the United States where I continue to help grow businesses as a freelancer to this day. Some of the startups I’ve worked with over the past two years are described below, along with my contributions.

Startups I’ve Helped Grow


A marketing intelligence platform that helps cloud service providers find out how much prospects are spending on cloud technology. Their customers include Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform. Part of the Salesforce startup incubator.

Dates: June 2018 to present (3 months)

Industry: B2B — Marketing Intelligence

Goal: Bring in marketing qualified leads

At Intricately I created content to support lead generation efforts and bring in marketing qualified leads from billion dollar companies. Content I produced included blog posts, data-driven market reports, and Quora answers.


  • Answered questions on Quora (example) that went viral and generated 1,000+ new sessions and 70+ leads in one month. Six of these were MQLs, one of which was from a billion dollar company that we’re actively speaking with.
  • Wrote blog posts for Intricately’s blog (example) and Crunchbase’s blog (example) that were republished on the Salesforce blog (example) and Medium’s largest marketing publication, Art + Marketing (example).
  • Collected and analyzed our data to create market reports for different regions (example). These reports were pitched to — and covered by — journalists at industry publications.


A mobile analytics and engagement platform that helps the largest companies in the world monitor in-app user behavior and send better push notifications. VC funded and entering their Series D.

Industry: B2B – Mobile App Analytics

Goal: Fill top of funnel with higher quality content

Dates: December 2017 to March 2018 (4 months)

At Localytics I created two new content strategies. One involved speaking with customers and publishing their “mobile growth stories” on our blog. The other involved publishing smartphone users’ behavioral data in aggregate and analyzing the meaning behind the data.


  • Repurposed a 1,000-person survey conducted by Localytics into three unique pieces of content that was linked to by popular publications including Forbes and MarketingProfs.
  • Created content template that was used by an intern to repurpose video content from presentations recorded at Localytics’ annual event into blog posts (example).
  • Analyzed revenue attribution data using Bizible and Salesforce to understand which content drove the most pipeline, then created content that was similar.

Rob is a strong writer who brings a unique perspective and great ideas to the table. We only worked together for a short time, but in that time he displayed a great ability to think strategically about our content strategy and offer suggestions on ways we could amplify and differentiate our content. He was a quick learner and made sure that our content strategy was mapping to the KPIs that were most important to the company.

Kristin Cronin, VP of Communications at Localytics


A publishing site that creates content for developers, software engineers, CTOs, and other professionals who use and build software. Part of the 500 Startups incubator and raised a Series A.

Industry: B2C – Publishing & Technology

Goal: Drive more users to site to increase value of ads

Dates: May 2017 to July 2017 (3 months)

At StackShare I increased traffic and new users by publishing stories about the technology stacks behind the most successful tech companies. I also created a process to monetize this publishing effort and get new story leads.


  • Created content partnerships with developer-focused sites like Sitepoint where we offered them data in return for writing blog posts that featured StackShare (example).
  • Experimented with new content on the blog that highlighted popular content that was buried within the site (example).
  • Managed editorial process for “stack stories” (example) and got them to go viral on Hacker News (example).


A SaaS startup that helps project managers and entrepreneurs manage teams of freelancers, contractors, and employees. Bootstrapped with $300K+ in monthly revenue.

Industry: B2B – Productivity Software

Goal: Drive more users to the blog where ~30% of new customers originate

Dates: November 2016 to February 2017 (3 months)

At Hubstaff I worked alongside the growth marketer and SEO specialist to create a content strategy that involved us publishing less content and doing more with what Hubstaff had already published.


  • Grew monthly blog traffic from 40K to 70K users in three months by repurposing 3 to 5 old blog posts with similar subjects into a new longer form post, then redirecting the old posts to the new post.
  • Helped our customers who had original stories create guest posts (example) instead of paying freelancers to create me-too content.
  • A/B tested call-to-actions on blog posts using Optimizely and analyzed conversion funnels using Woopra.

I also worked with the growth team at Dave, an app funded by Mark Cuban, and other startups on one-off writing projects.